The total number of Air Traffic Controllers employed by DHMÝ was 600 for 2004, and it is planned to increase the number of ATCOs up to 1010 in the medium term as required by the SMART Project.

Manpower planning: The DHMÝ and EUROCONTROL have completed the LAMPS/CHAMP (Long Term ATCO Manpower Plan/Collaborative and Harmonised ATCO Manpower Planning) Project to ensure the appropriate number of qualified controllers are available at the right time in all working positions. The results of this project will be used for ATCO manpower planning over the next 15 years.

ATCO recruitment & selection: After a public staff selection exam, candidates have to pass the DHMÝ’s ATCO selection tool, which is very similar to FEAST (First European ATCO Selection Tool) for employment as an ATCO.

ATCO training processes: Basic and rating trainings are performed in accordance with EUROCONTROL “guidelines for common core content and training objectives”. In addition, ICAO and EUROCONTROL training documentation, computer based training, e-learning, national documents and local handbooks are used as training documentation.
After completing one year of basic training at the training centre, all ab-initios have to pass the following phases successfully:
- licensing examination,
- 1 year PRE-OJT / familiarisation and OJT at operational units, and
- rating assessments (written and practical checks)
There is also a vigorous and continuous training plan
covering the present and future needs of ATCOs.

Activities at the training centre in 2004: A significant
output was achieved with the graduation of 56 air traffic controllers, and a further 24 students are still in the training programme. The following professional trainings for air traffic controllers were also completed:
- Emergency training for 140 ATCOs
- Refresher training for 140 ATCOs
- Radar refresher training for 28 ATCOs

Proficiency in English: The DHMÝ has decided to send all ATCOs abroad to take Aviation English courses in order to ensure that they have the proficiency in Aviation English at ICAO operational level 4. PELA (Proficiency in English Language for ATCO) tests were also begun, especially for ab-initio ATCOs, to determine the level of proficiency in English.


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