In accordance with Decree-Law 72, Article 4, the Senior Audit Board continuously monitors and audits the DHMI from economical, operational, legal and technical points of view; examines DHMI’s balance sheet and end of year accounts to assess their adequacy in line with its periodical activities and prepares a justified and compared “Audit Report” in order to examine whether or not the proceedings, balance sheet and end of year accounts are free of misstatement.
DHMI prepares its balance sheet and end of year accounts according to the “Uniform Accounting System”. During the audit of DHMI balance sheet and end of year accounts, the Senior Audit Board has applied the generally accepted auditing standards and principles as foreseen by this system.
In this context, the audit conducted by The Senior Audit Board, is an independent audit and the report produced accordingly is an independent report.
The audit report prepared by our Board - to which also Certified Public Accountants have attended - as regards the audit of the annual report issued by DHMI upon Eurocontrol’s advice is an independent audit report.

Acting President of Senior Audit Board

The 2004 audit has been performed by;
Mr.Işık Eyüboğlu, Member & Chairman, Mr.K.Gökhan Cansaran, Chief Auditor & Certified Public Accountant,Mr.Mehmet Kösedağ, Chief AuditorMr.Hakan Aydın, Assistant Auditor

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