The DHM is a public-owned enterprise set up to produce and market services of a monopolistic nature, deemed to be privileged services in view of the public service that it renders, the capital for which is entirely paid by the state, and which is associated with the Ministry of Transport. It is governed, as regards its objective, its activities and its administration, by Decree-Law No. 233 and the amendments thereto, and by its Statutes which came into force on the basis of the aforementioned Decree; by Law No. 2920 (Civil Aviation Code); by Law No. 2677 on the execution of functions and services at commercial airports, ports and border posts and by Law No. 3832 on Defence and the Security of certain bodies and organisations.


The Directorate-General is composed of three Deputy Directors-General and the units below them. Among these, the Audit Board (Dept.), the Office of the Board of Directors (Directorate), Defence (Secretariat), the Cabinet (Directorate), Personnel and Administrative Affairs (Dept.), the International Airports Chief Managements and the Aerodrome Directorates that form part of the provincial organisation are attached directly to the Director-General, with the other units being attached to the Deputy Directors-General. The units attached to the Deputy Directors-General are as follows:

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