Efficient and well working civil/military coordination is maintained. Coordination between the military authorities and the ANSP (DHM) is ensured through the Civil-Military Coordination Group. This Group is responsible for the establishment of policy and airspace management at a national level.

Status of FUA application
The EUROCONTROL Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) Concept level 1 has been applied, while the Turkish Air Force and the DHM have developed their own alternative and practical FUA concept, which is considered to be more suitable to the special geo-political situation. The Turkish Military, through a more efficient alternative FUA concept, has shown much flexibility in relinquishing unused Military Airspace to the DHM when no military traffic is foreseen (evenings, weekends, etc.).


EDHM continued to participate in relevant international fora, placing particular emphasis on EUROCONTROL and ICAO.
The Single European Sky legislation is implemented through mandates. The EC has mandated EUROCONTROL to draft SES implementation rules addressing interoperability in three technical areas: (1) the initial flight plan, (2) coordination and transfer of flights, and (3) flight message transfer protocols. The implementation studies of these draft rules is currently being progressed.
Within the framework of the Single European Sky initiative, European airspace is to be redesigned into Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) to meet the requirements arising from the growth in traffic, and will no longer be confined by national borders. Moreover, the Single Sky
initiative and the ATM 2000+ Strategy promotes regional coordination with neighbouring States by identifying mutually dependent actions.


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