The General Directorate of State Airports Administrationís (DHM›) balance sheet and income statement for financial year 2004 were drawn up in accordance with the regulations laid down in the Turkish Uniform Accounting System.

Our Administration provided services of air transport, operation of airfields, performance of airfield ground services, execution of air traffic control services and installation and operation of navigation systems and facilities, as required by Civil Aviation activities, and in compliance with economic and social requirements, parallel to the principle of efficiency, in 2004.
The methods and principles to be used in the accrual and recording of incomes to be obtained in exchange for
services provided by the Administration are specified in the Proceeds Directive, and all the commercial transactions have been carried out under that directive.
Our Administrationís incomes consist of the service sales proceeds obtained in exchange for air traffic control
services, airfield ground services and terminal services, as required by Civil Aviation activities, plus other proceeds and profits.
At the end of the period, a total gross income of TL 858,350 billion was obtained, of which TL 794,717
billion was income from service sales, TL 48,056 billion was ordinary income and profit from other operations and TL 15,577 billion was extraordinary revenues and profits. When a reduction of TL 79,472 billion is deducted from this income, the net periodic income amounts to TL 778,878 billion. When compared to the net income of 2003, an increase of 27.33% has been achieved.
Services sales proceeds have been detailed according to the "Services Sales Places" under the Uniform Accounting Plan. Every service sales place has been followed by three sub-headings (Air Navigation Services, Ground Services and Terminal Services) as "Services Sales Types". Foreign sales make 69.4% of the total sales.
The services rendered in 2004 are gathered in three groups:

1. Air Navigation Services: Air navigation, B class messages, AIS publications, Other unclassified navigation services.

2. Ground (Runway, Apron and Taxi-route) Services: Landing, parking, approach and lighting services, Safety precautions against aircraft fire, Follow-me services, Ground handling, Other runway, apron and taxi-route services.

3. Terminal Services: Passenger service, Allocation services (Office, check-in desks, land etc.), Electricity-heating-cooling, Telephone, diaphone, telex and public address system, Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T.), Load bridge, 400 Hz electricity and water, Other terminal services.




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