The staffing needs of the DHM, the budgetary headings and titles, the number of staff and assignments, are determined by the work programme. Our policy of employment based on the recruitment of manpower with the qualifications required by their functions; their training for the task that they are required to carry out in awareness of costs and in accordance with the principle of profitability; the creation of a system of statutory rights in order to develop staff loyalty; and the attaching of value to moral and material encouragement of creativity, effort and success has been thoroughly implemented once again in 2004. The major part of the manpower of the DHM is composed of contractual staff subject to Decree-Law Nos. 233 and 399, the latter amending the staff-related provisions contained in the former, and those relating to a small number of officials.
According to the 2004 Work Programme, manpower was to be composed of 6667 contractors and of 310 officials, i.e. on average a complement of 6977. However, in 2004 the total number of employees was 6740 including 6441 contractors and 299 officials.
The average manpower in 2004 compared to that of 2003 i.e. 6861, showed a decrease of 121 brining the total to 6740 staff.


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