The objectives of DHM are to provide air transport, to manage aerodromes, to provide ground services at airports and air traffic control services, to install and set up air navigation systems and facilities and other related systems, and to maintain them at the level required for modern aeronautics. The spheres of activity are:
guiding its establishments, related companies and holdings and ensuring coordination and cooperation between these within the framework of the laws, statutes, regulations, the development plan and annual plans;
providing and increasing the necessary resources for the implementation and development of these activities;
as required, creating and abolishing establishments,
enterprises, companies or taking the necessary steps to obtain a holding in existing companies;
ensuring the conformity of its related companies and establishments with the economy as a whole and the policies in civil aviation as regards budgets, prices, tariffs and investments;
in the fields of civil aviation, creating training establishments with a view to training personnel in accordance with generally accepted standards; managing these establishments or having them managed;
achieving the tasks pertaining to its spheres of activity, as assigned by the Council of Ministers;
ensuring that the programmes to acquire competences organised within the framework of developing employment are applied;
ensuring administrative and technical guidance for private small- and medium-sized enterprises which already exist or which are to be created.


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