The Turkish Route Charges Office is part of the Eurocontrol Division, which in turn is one of the seven Divisions of the Air Navigation Department. Currently six staff are in charge of the RCO.
The main responsibility of our RCO is to ensure that flight data sent to the CRCO are complete, correct and of course on time for billing.
Due to the increasing unavailability and cost of the X25 transmission network used for data exchange between the RCO’s and the CRCO, studies into various options were carried out, and as a result an internet based system of data exchange was decided upon. The Turkish RCO, as one of the first state amongst the members, moved to the DEBI system in 2004.
Having remained stable for some 27 years after its creation in 1971, the CRCO “flight information system” was upgraded in 1998 to enable a more precise billing of distances corresponding to “Routes by State Overflown” (RSO), with the aim of more equitable billing. There is a new need for an upgrade of the CRCO “flight information system” to enable a more precise billing. For this purpose the route charges offices were requested to provide registration marks for each chargeable flight. During 2004 the Turkish Route Charges Office succeeded in providing the registration marks of almost 99.9% of the flights transmitted, which is one of the best results among the other Eurocontrol Member States.


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