Mahmut TEKŻN
Director General Chairman of the Board


Dear Colleagues,

The State Airports Authority (DHMI), provider of Air Navigation Services and Airport Operations in the aviation sector in Turkey for 73 years, is one of the oldest public foundations.

As the Director General of this foundation, I am sharing the mutual joy and happiness together with my 6678 colleagues either being responsible for controlling Turkish Airspace or providing airport operations and airside services.

Turkey has a very attractive position for tourism and the Turkish airports serving 50 million passengers annually are very important in this context. The increase over the years in the number of passengers shows that innovations in air navigation and airport operation services are followed closely.

As a matter of fact, we are serving in an advanced technological network and in parallel we recruit qualified personnel. In accordance with international standards, great emphasis is given to continuous training and therefore major investments are made in this field.

We hope that our new generation colleagues in the civil aviation sector will be the architects of a safe, efficient, fast and more comfortable air transport.

Our main aim is to develop a customer-oriented structure in order to meet their expectations.

The communication era brings a new spirit to the movement of passengers and goods/freights. All efforts and projects should be handled by keeping in mind the humanitarian and universal vision of DHMI. Because of the improvements put in place, we believe that our ability to grow and to meet customer demand is now greater than ever. We therefore share the honor of making progress and solving problems mutually.

On behalf of my Administration and myself I have the honor to present to you as a partner of the aviation sector, the 2004 DHMI Annual Report which contains operational, statistical, social and financial data, thereby reflecting the enthusiasm and happiness of our colleagues.

At last but not least, I would sincerely like to thank those for their support for the preparation and publication of this Annual Report which has been issued after such a long interval.

With My Best Regards.


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