The total number of ATCOs employed by DHMİ was 630 for 2005. Studies have shown that there is a shortage in the number of ATCOs and so some administrative measures have been taken to minimize this shortage of controllers and to systematically overcome the problem through an intensive recruitment program. Therefore, it is planned to employ approximately 50 additional ATCOs/year for all ATC units, with priority being given to the İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul and Antalya ATC units, and increase the number of ATCOs up to 1010 in the medium term as required by the SMART Project DHMİ and EUROCONTROL have also completed the LAMPS/CHAMP (Long Term ATCO Manpower Plan/Collaborative and Harmonized ATCO Manpower Planning) Project to ensure the appropriate number of qualified controllers is available at the right time in all working positions. The results of this project will be used for ATCO manpower planning over the next 15 years.

There is a vigorous and continuous training plan covering the present and future needs of the ATCOs.
Proficiency in English: English language proficiency standards have been recently adopted by ICAO and the minimum level of English language proficiency required for pilots and air traffic controllers has been identified as level 4 in the Language Proficiency Rating Scale.
Keeping in mind that careful use of ICAO phraseologies is one means of increasing communication safety, there may be some situations in which phraseology will not suffice and there may be times when the use of plain language by controllers and pilots is necessary.

To comply with this new proficiency requirement and ensure that all the ATCOs have the proficiency in English at ICAO operational level 4 as a minimum, it was decided to send all of them abroad for Aviation English Courses.

Therefore, DHMİ has called for a tender related to Aviation English Courses, and a contract has been made between DHMİ and MLS International College, a member of English UK.

Courses have begun and ATCOs are being sent to Bournemouth in groups according to a time schedule,
prepared taking into consideration operational needs. The Aviation English Courses are planned to finish in October 2007.