Turkish military authorities also play a major role in managing (and controlling) parts of Turkish airspace. Although Military and Civil ATC services are entirely independent of each other, efficient and well working civil/military coordination is maintained. Coordination between the military authorities and the ANSP (DHM) is ensured through the Civil-Military Coordination Group. This Group is responsible for the establishment of policy and airspace management at the national level.

Status of FUA application: Although the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept of EUROCONTROL has not been applied, the Turkish Air Force and DHM have developed their own alternate and practical FUA concept, which is considered to be more suitable to the special geo-political situation of Turkey. The Turkish Military, through a more efficient alternate FUA concept, has shown much flexibility in relinquishing un-used Military Airspace to DHM when no military traffic is expected (evenings, weekends, etc.).


DHM has continued its participation to relevant international fora, placing particular emphasis on EUROCONTROL and ICAO activities.
Europe and Single Sky: The implementation process of the Single European Sky legislation through mandates
given to the EUROCONTROL Agency is currently being progressed and all preparations are being made within this context.


The good relationship between Turkey and its neighbor states has been maintained to optimize regional capacity under the European concepts and to increase the safety of air navigation services in the area.

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the Air Traffic Management Cooperation in South-Eastern Europe (ACE) was held in Antalya, TURKEY, between 30 November - 2 December, 2005. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine (as an observer) and two international organizations, namely the European Commission and EUROCONTROL.