In April 2005, DHMI became a Full Member of CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization), which was founded in 1998 to represent all Air Navigation Service Providers and currently represents 42 Full Members and 30 Associate Members, all stakeholders in the global aviation industry.

CANSO Secretary General, Alexander ter Kuile and CANSO Chairman, Ashley Smout made an introductory visit to Ankara on 9 September, 2005. They met with senior executives of DHM and exchanged information about their respective organizations.

DHMI has successfully finalized the procedure for obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its Air Navigation Services. To organize the implementation and make the necessary assessment, the unit of Quality Management Representation has been established. All quality-related business processes were examined to ensure that they satisfy the requirements. Having been recognized to be compliant with the requirements by the Turkish Association for Quality and Management Systems, a certificate was granted on 12 July, 2005.

Currently, Turkish Air Navigation Services are ISO 9001:2000 certified in all business areas; namely Air Traffic Management, Air Traffic Services, Aeronautical Communications Management, Aeronautical Information Management and Flight Inspection Services.

This certification is the first step towards expanding and strengthening the quality management to the other branches of DHM (e.g.: for Airport Operations).

On the other hand, DHM is also in the process of aligning its Quality Policy with the EUROCONTROL Excellence Policy. Therefore, DHM has been following the developments in relation to EUROCONTROL Quality studies.

On 7 July, 2005, System Project Research and Development Management was established under Air Navigation Department to make necessary studies for the procurement and establishment of ATM/ATC related equipment and systems (such as communication systems, monitoring systems, systems providing automated assistance for air
traffic control, navigation systems, simulators, etc.).

As of 31 March, 2005, DHM has taken the Client Security Officer (CSO) Training, signed the EAD Client Interface Terminal Checklist and declared to be operational as Data User. By 1 August, 2005, DHM became connected to EAD as a Published AIP Management System (PAMS) Data Provider. On 29 September, 2005, DHM took over responsibility for the minimum Static Data Set and fully migrated as an International NOTAM Operations (INO) Data Provider. Full responsibility for PAMS data has been taken over by DHM on 24 November, 2005.

Dear all,
Following DHMI's migration to SDO DP on the 11th of May, I would like to congratulate you for having completed the final steps on your road to become FULLY MIGRATED to EAD. I would like to thank all DHMI staff who have made considerable efforts to realise the success of your organisation's EAD migration.
Best regards,
Sylviane Wybo
Head of EAD and Aeronautical Information Bureau