To follow cost containment measures, great efforts have been made by DHMÝ. As a result of this, our National Cost Bases have been kept stable over the last 5 years. DHMÝ has used its resources very effectively and efficiently, and has ensured the provision of air navigation services of high quality.

The actual cost base figure for 2005 has been established 0.2 % higher than the estimated 2005 cost base figure (which was 159,784,451 Euro) bringing the total amount to 160,139,619 Euro. While the number of Service Units has increased by 4% between 2005F and 2005A, the national cost base has only increased by 0.2%.

While the staff and operational expenditures have been calculated as 60,093 K Euro and 49,391 K Euro, depreciation and interest costs have been determined as 24,057 K Euro and 26,599 K Euro respectively, the total cost base has been established as 160,140 K Euro.
The legislation as to the current depreciation periods has been revised during 2004, and as a result DHMÝ has begun to apply expected operating lives for the calculation of the 2005 actual figures. Depending on the economical stability in recent years, the interest rate has been decreased from 10% (used in 2005 estimated cost base) to 8% in our 2005 actual national cost base figures.


The increase in service units, which began in 2004, is a positive indicator to show user preference of Turkish Airspace.


“High quality services & lowest unit rate: Turkish Airspace”.


Forward looking information relating to the 2006-2011 period is provided in the table given below.