- Tenders for Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems at the General Directorate Building and at the Milas Bodrum, Kapadokya and Erzincan Airports, and Card Access Control Systems (CACS) at the General Directorate Building and the Milas Bodrum and Kapadokya Airports, have been finalized and contracts have been signed. The systems have been serving since 2005.
- The contract to convert the existing Atatürk Airport Closed Circuit TV System to a Digital Recording System has been finalized by the Atatürk Airport Management. The system has been serving since 2005.
- Mobile X-Ray Baggage Control Equipment has been purchased for the Atatürk, Antalya, Adnan Menderes, Dalaman and Adnan Menderes Airports.
- The installation of a Docking & Guidance System at Adnan Menderes has been completed and has been in service since 2005.
- The equipment for an EDS system has been purchased for the first Domestic Terminal of Antalya Airport and has been supplemented within the Built Operate Project. Installation has begun.

- The training of DHMİ technical staff abroad and the factory inspections at the Adnan Menderes Airport DVOR have been completed. The equipment will be delivered by the responsible company soon.
- The contract for 12 NDB Mast Antennas has been completed with the delivery of the antennas.
- The installation of 2 ILS systems for Atatürk Airport 18R and 36L runways has been finished. The systems have been serving since passing the flight control tests.
- The installation of an ILS system for Antalya Airport 36R runway began in 2005 and is continuing.
- 13 VOR and 11 DME systems have been installed at the required sites. Three ILS systems, to be installed at the Konya, Malatya and Antalya Airports, have been delivered to DHMİ. The installation of an ILS to Antalya 18L runway has begun. The infrastructure work for the ILS systems at Konya and Malatya Airports is continuing.

- Under the Additional Radar Project for the Atatürk, Esenboğa, Bodrum, Erzincan, Şanlıurfa, Yalova Airports, for which a contract was signed for 22,897,719 USD with Italian company AMS in 2002, final acceptance tests were completed at the end of 2005.
- A Tower and Radar Simulator for Esenboğa Airport was purchased in 1997 for the training of Air Traffic Controllers as part of the Improvement and Modernization of Radar Systems plan. A new tender has been announced to improve the existing Tower and Radar Simulator at Esenboğa Airport.
- The AFTN/CIDIN system of Esenboğa Airport was ordered in 1998 at a cost of 1,108,997 USD with an American company called Global Weather Dynamics Inc., to achieve the input/rile/transit/output functions for international and national AFTN traffic and CIDIN. Final acceptance of the AFTN/CIDIN system was completed on 31 May, 2005. These systems have a 1-year guarantee.
- The essential hardware to connect the AIS offices of DHMİ to EAD (European AIS Database) was provided in 2003. The software for Eurocontrol has been bought from Group EAD SL and training was completed in 2005. The software has been installed and the contract has now been completed. The system is now in operation.
- A tender has been issued to renovate the existing ACC/APP systems (Interim Modernization) and to purchase a network and Voice Communication System (VCS) as specified in the Ankara Central ACC and Air Traffic Control Complex project. The project comes under the umbrella of the SMART Project (Systematic Modernization of ATM [Air Traffic Management] Resources in Turkey).