Mahmut TEKŻN
Director General & Chairman of the Board


Dear Colleagues,

The civil aviation sector in Turkey is experiencing a serious upward trend, which is down to the dynamics of the country rather than global factors in the sector. In 2006, the number of passengers passing through the airports under the responsibility of the DHMi General Directorate was over 61 million. The fact that the population of Turkey is around 70 million makes the magnitude of this number all the more striking.
In parallel to the rapid development of the civil aviation sector in Turkey, the DHMi General Directorate has formed a new official vision for the two main functions that it exercises in tandem, being airport operation and air navigation services. The DHMi is sharing its role in the operation of airports with the private sector more than ever; and continues its works of control and supervision of Turkey's air navigation services in cooperation with the private sector to maintain one of the most modern and safest airspaces in the world.