Training means investing in the future. Once again this year, despite the high employment rate, the DHMi kept up this principle and managed to ensure high-quality training for all of its trainees.

A significant output was achieved at the Training Centre of the DHMi with the training of 60 “ab initio” trainees.

Staff training for other organisations can also be given on-site or at the Training Centre upon request. For example; in order to support the use of the radar systems in the provision of air traffic services in Syria, our ATC experts are charged in Syria with the operational radar training of the Syrian ATCOs.

Moreover, training capacity is to be stepped up with the modernisation of the Air Traffic Control Simulator System.

There is also a vigorous and continuous refreshment/training plan covering the present and future needs of ATCOs.

Part Task Trainer simulation software of EUROCONTROL is also using for both the refreshment training of ATCOs and Pre-OJT of the student ATCOs (as part of unit training) in Ankara ACC/APP, A.Menderes ACC/APP, Antalya APP and Dalaman APP. It is also planned to use PTT software in the transition period of the SMART Project to make the necessary arrangements.


EAD provides a central database of validated dynamic and static aeronautical data, and users maintain that EAD has significantly improved the accuracy, accessibility and availability of this information, welcoming the fact that it is more cost effective than the previous systems.

The progress of the full integration to the EAD is given in brief below:
- As of March 31 2005 the DHMi has taken the Client Security Officer (CSO) Training, signed the EAD Client Interface Terminal Checklist and has been declared to be operational as Data User.
- By August 1 2005 the DHMi had become connected to EAD as a Published AIP Management System (PAMS) Data Provider. Full responsibility for PAMS data was taken over by the DHMi on November 24 2005.
- On September 29 2005 the DHMi took over responsibility for the minimum Static Data Set and became a fully-fledged International NOTAM Operations (INO) Data Provider.
- With the completion of the final steps on the road to becoming fully integrated into EAD, the DHMi became an SDO Data Provider on May 11 2006.

Turkey is still the biggest Data Provider in the European region. As the second phase of the EAD Project, the DHMi is working on integration processes on an unstructured e-AIP after having the necessary trainings and the certificates by the end of July 2007. In addition to this, the DHMi is the first client of EAD which has converted Static Data to charting tools. These works are being followed by the other members of EAD to see the results.