EAD provides a central database of validated dynamic and static aeronautical data, significantly improving the accuracy, accessibility and availability of the information, with a more cost effective way than the previous systems.

Since the last reporting period, additional ANSPs have registered to become briefing facility clients. In order to cover the different operational and technical aspects of the migration, it has been decided to launch a pilot phase with a first set of clients.

Since DHMİ started the migration process to EAD as a first set of pilot clients, a lot of work has been done and experience gained through specific migration issues. The progress that DHMİ made on the EAD implementation and integration were founded remarkable by the European AIS Bureau and they invited DHMİ to make a presentation to be an example for the other states that have not migrated yet. DHMİ’s progress and its full integration with SDO was demonstrated and presented at the EAD User Day.