The General Directorate of State Airports Administration’s (DHMİ) balance sheet and income statement for the financial year 2007 were drawn up in accordance with the regulations laid down in the Turkish Uniform Accounting System.


In line with civil aviation activities, our Administration is responsible for air transport, aerodrome operation, aerodrome ground services, air traffic control services, installation and operation of navigation systems and facilities in compliance with economic and social requirements in parallel to the principle of efficiency.

The methods and principles used for the recording of accrual and income obtained for services provided by the Administration are specified in the Directive, and all the commercial transactions have been carried out under that directive.

Our Administration’s income consists of the service sales obtained from air traffic control services, aerodrome ground services and terminal services as required by Civil Aviation Activities, plus other proceeds and profits. At the end of the period, a total gross income of 1,260,577 thousand TRY was obtained, of which 1,045,972 thousand TRY was income from service sales, 180,815 thousand TRY was ordinary revenue and profit from other operations and 33,790 thousand TRY was extraordinary

revenues and profits. When a reduction of 105,122 thousand TRY is deducted from this, our income amounts to 1,155,455 thousand TRY which represents a decrease of 6% when compared to the net income of 2006.

Under the Uniform Accounting System, service sales are provided in detail according to their respective codes of expenditure. Every service heading is followed by three sub-headings (Air Navigation Services, Ground Services and Terminal Services) as “type of category”. Foreign sales represent 46 % of the total sales.

The services rendered in 2007 are gathered in three groups.

1. Air Navigation Services: Air Navigation, B class messages, AIS publications, other unclassified navigation services.

2. Terminal Services: (Runway, Apron, Taxi-Route) Services: Landing, parking, approach and lighting services, safety precautions against aircraft fire, follow-me services, ground handling, other runway, apron and taxi-route services.

3. Operating Services : Passenger service, service allocation (Office, check-in desks, land etc), electricity-heating-cooling, telephone, diaphone, telex and public address system, Build-Operate-Transfer (B.O.T), load bridge, 400Hz electricity and water, other terminal services.