DHMİ started its long journey as a flying school, the first aeronautical body in Turkey, back in 1912. The State Airlines Enterprise, created with the advent of the Republic, was followed by the Directorate General for State Airlines. The spectacular development of civil aviation made it necessary to separate the functions of air transport and the operation of aerodromes, which were entrusted to Turkish Airlines and the Directorate-General of the State Airports Enterprise respectively. After having operated as the Airport Management Company, it reached its final destination as the State Airports Enterprise. It was born legally on 8 November, 1984, when its statutes entered into force, and the members of its Board of Directors were named. It began its functions on 1 December, 1984 and is currently pursuing these activities.


DHMİ is a public-sector company set up to produce and market services of a monopolistic nature, deemed to be privileged in view of the public service that it renders, the capital of which is entirely paid by the state, and which is associated with the Ministry of Transport. It is governed, as regards its objective, its activities and its administration, by Decree-Law No. 233 and the amendments thereto, and by its status which came into force on the basis of the aforementioned Decree; by Law No. 2920 (Civil Aviation Code); by Law No. 2677 on the execution of functions and services at commercial airports, ports and border posts and by Law No. 3832 on Defense and the Security of certain bodies and organizations. The objectives of the DHMİ are to provide air transport, to manage aerodromes, to provide ground services at airports and air traffic control services, to install and set up air navigation systems and facilities and other related systems, and to maintain them at the level required for modern aeronautics. It provided these services with 6884 dedicated staff.


Our Mission; in the provision of Civil Aviation activities, is to provide air navigation services and operate aerodromes in order to achieve “the best” at world level, as a safe, high quality, dynamic, cost-efficient and environment-friendly organization.
Our Vision; is to follow-up State-of-the-Art technology, be open to new technical and operational developments, carry out short and medium term planning, ensure high quality training of staff and take adequate measures with the aim of providing a better service.


26 April 2008
Celebration of 7th Turkish Pilots Day

20 May 2008
Celebration activities for the 75th anniversary of DHMİ General Directorate.

20 October 2008
Year of Regional Air Transport(It started with Fly Air's Istanbul-Trabzon flight.)

7 December 2008
Celebration of International Civil Aviation Day.