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AIR NAVIGATION SERVICES »» Maintaining top quality services

Devlet Hava Meydanları İsletmesi (DHMI) is responsible »» Keeping air traffic delays to a minimum
for Air Navigation Services in the Turkish airspace. Civil
aviation in Turkey is the responsibility of the Ministry »» Maintaining the economic efficiency at an
of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. acceptable level
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
a certified entity designated by the Minister of DHMİ also works to achieve Turkish transport policy
Transport is the Turkish Regulatory Authority. DHMI goals.
Air Navigation Department of Directorate General
of State Airports of Turkey is the unique provider of GEOGRAPHIC PRESENCE
Civil Air Navigation Services for Turkey. The DHMI is
a 100 % State-owned Governmental Organization Turkey has a huge and strategically important airspace
and provides all the Air Traffic Services within civil with totally 63.822 kilometres of controlled air routes
airspace (Controlled Airspace, TMA and CTRs). and 982.286 square kilometres of controlled airspace
over Europe and Asia continents. Due to its special
One of the main objectives of DHMI is “to provide geographical location Turkish airspace includes
air navigation Services for all users in a qualified, crossroads with north-south and east-west traffic
balanced, safe, environmental friendly, fair and flows between Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
economic manner and the development of the air
traffic”. Operational units

DHMİ’s strategy has two primary focuses: DHMİ’s main operational units are as follows:

»» to maintain its level of performance and strives to »» Ankara ACC: Ankara Area Control Centre provides
continuously improve the quality of its services. area control services within Ankara Flight
Information Region. It also provides appraach
»» to steadily develop its position in Europe and to control services in Ankara TMA.
achieve a leading position in the provision of air
navigation services in the region. »» İstanbul ACC: İstanbul Area Control Centre
provides area control services within İstanbul
Realization of DHMI’s strategic principles is premised Flight Information Region. It also provides
on reaching the following strategic goals: approach control services in İstanbul TMA. (İzmir
Approach Control Unit also provides area control
Maintaining high-level air traffic safety, service for southern part of İstanbul FIR) .

»» Ensuring competent and highly qualified staff »» 44 Aerodrome Control Towers provides air

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