Page 16 - Annual Report 2014
P. 16

Air Traffic Management: »» Controlling the Flight Permission of A/C using the
Turkish Airspace and Aerodromes
»» Air Space Management
»» Controlling, distributing and supervising the
»» Air Traffic Services Flight Plans (FPL)

»» ATM occurrence investigation »» Coordinating SAR activities

»» Participation in EUROCONTROL and ICAO Flight Inspection Services (two Citation 5
activities / projects, aircraft)

»» Airspace design (Designing instrument approach, »» Approving instrument procedures,
departure and landing procedures, ATS routes,
sectorisation) »» C alibrating facilities.

Aeronautical Information Management Helicopter Services (four helicopters)

»» Preparing, publishing and distributing all »» providing transportation to the maintenance
aeronautical information/data concerning Turkish personnel and/or spare parts in order to achieve
Airspace and Aerodromes via Turkish AIP, in-place repair of a malfunction of radars,
navigation aids and communication systems.
»» Publishing Aeronautical Information Circulars and
Pre-flight bulletins, »» participating in reconnaissance and evaluation
works on the locations of the new navigation
»» Producing and distributing aeronautical charts, aids

»» Receiving, issuing and distributing NOTAMs, »» conducting commercial flights

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