Page 17 - Annual Report 2014
P. 17

The Eurocontrol Management; »» Follow the latest aviation technology and the
projects and participate where available
»» Establishment of the national cost base for en-
route charges taking into account all economic »» Cooperate with national and international
developments, research organizations for R&D issues

»» Collection, validation and exchange to the Air Navigation SMS &QMS Management
CRCO of flight data in line with our reporting
responsibilities, »» manage the SMS implementation plan

»» Coordination and follow-up of financial and »» facilitate the risk management process that
operational route charges related issues should include hazard identification, risk
assessment and risk mitigation;
System Project Development and Assessment
»» monitor any corrective action required in order to
»» Solve the problems or the bottlenecks occur in ensure accomplishment;
the current air navigation infrastructures
»» maintain safety documentation;
»» Research new technologies to improve the ATM
services »» plan and organise staff safety training;

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