Page 18 - Annual Report 2014
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Safety Management System (SMS) national regulations, ICAO requirements, EUROCON-
TROL Safety Regulatory Requirements (ESARRs) set-
Safety management system (SMS), including a safety ting out European safety standards. In this respect,
management function has been in place since 2003. DHMI Safety Management System Manual concern-
A Safety Committee, which is the highest corporate ing ATS (version 2.0) was issued 2014.
body responsible for safety issues, consists of rep-
resentatives from relevant departments in HQ under Since the establishment of its SMS - Safety Manage-
the chairmanship of Head of ANS. The main compo- ment System DHMI has increased its initiatives to
nent of the SMS is the Safety Management Manual promote a safety culture within the company. This
which defines the SMS organisation and processes culture is integrated at all levels, so that each em-
as well as basic SMS procedures, in order to comply ployee especially air traffic controllers is aware that
with the SMS requirements laid down in national reg- he/she can make a difference as far as safety is con-
ulations, EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Require- cerned. That is why in July 2011, DHMI placed ATS
ments (ESARRs). SMS Confidential Reporting Form

Although elements of the SMS have been in function COREFORM which is electronic reporting system. It is
over the years in ATM division, a SMS division was a better reporting of incidents.
established in 2013. It is performed by the Safety
Manager who works within the Safety and Quality DHMİ’s Safety Commission comprise of represent-
Management Division, reports directly to the head of atives from relevant departments in HQ under the
ANS and manages the SMS at the ANS &CNS level. chairmanship of Head of ANS. Regarding safety mat-
DHMİ’s Safety Policy is a statement of the DHMI’s ters, the head of commission has direct access to Ac-
fundamental approach to achieve acceptable or tol- countable Executive. If necessary the experts from
erable safety levels. DHMI’s Safety policy is defined other departments, units or institutions are able to
in accordance with international and national require- employ within the commission. Similar settlement is
ments and reflect organizational commitment regard- constituted in all DHMİ’s airports.
ing safety. DHMi’s Safety Policy consists of; safety
priority, safety responsibility, planning for safety, Quality Managemet System (QMS)
safety standards, safety achievement, safety assur-
ance and safety promotion. DHMI has the ISO 9001:2000
certificate for its Air Navigation
The main component of the SMS is the Safety Man- Services since 12 July 2005.
agement Manual which defines the SMS organisation With this certificate it was documented that the
and processes as well as basic SMS procedures, in or- DHMI meets the requirements to be appointed as the
der to comply with the SMS requirements laid down in air navigation service provider in Turkish airspace.

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