Page 19 - Annual Report 2014
P. 19

DHMÄ° has been applying as well as maintaining it sessments made by Quality Management represent-
in compliance with the requirements of the ISO atives revealed that there were no any deviations
9001:2008 International Standard . The scope of ac- from the requirements in 2013 proving the validity
tivites covered by the ISO 9001:2008. The services and efficiency of our system and indicating that we
have been managed in compliance with national and were able to guarantee the best -use of our resourc-
international standards. es. This efficient use of manpower and infrastructure
meant that throughout 2012 we delivered services
A Quality Management System (QMS) has been es- effectively and therefore, met most of our business
tablished, documented, applied and maintained by targets.
DHMÄ° in compliance with the requirements of the in-
ternational standard ISO 9001:2008 and certificate The management ensures, by means of the Qual-
was issued to DHMI by Turkish Standards Institution ity Policy, that user requirements are identified and
(TSE) complied with, in order to increase their measurable
Necessary assessments are carried out annually by
the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) which has Moreover, the DHMI conducts customer appreciation
been established for the purpose of preparing stand- surveys on a regular basis and consults airspace users
ards for every kind of item and products together with to ensure a common understanding and to facilitate
procedure and service. As a result of the internal as- collaborative decision making.

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