Page 22 - Annual Report 2014
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The geo-political location of states or airspaces has So, West and Central European regions never faced
direct impacts for providing ATM services. Due to ge- with the domino effects of these crises.
ographical location and the neighboring states sur-
rounding Turkey, there are some difficulties of provid- To cope with the continuous increase in the number
ing ATM services in Turkey, the political crisis in Iraq, of air traffic and closure of airspaces as a result of po-
Ukraine and Syria effected our traffic numbers and litical unrests in our region, DHMİ has taken necessary
flows during 2014. measures to ensure the system has the capacity and
the redundancy to work in a safe and reliable way.
As a result of the airspace closures around Turkish
Airspace, traffic flow has been changed very much In this context, civil / military coordination, communi-
and monthly traffic increase reached up to 40 % in cations infrastructure and surveillance infrastructure
our Airspace. So DHMI was one of the mostly affect- were improved, ATC route structure was developed
ed country in our region. and additional controllers were recruited.

However, through the great efforts of the staff and In 2014 the two Turkish airports, Istanbul Ataturk and
management in Turkey, this unexpected flow of traf- Sabiha Gökçen,continued their remarkable growth
fic was handled effectively and we did not reflect as already observed in previous years. The increase
these difficulties to the west, I mean to the Europe. in average daily traffic was close to 100 additional
flights at both airports in 2014. In relative terms,

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