Page 23 - Annual Report 2014
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İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen was the fast- equate airport facilities/infrastructure and airspace
est growing airport with an impressive systems, slots have been distributed in an equitable,
+23.9% traffic increase year on year. non-discriminatory and transparent way by DHMİ
since June 2010. To be operationally successful,
The flight movements is expected to be 1.853.448 DHMİ ensures close co-operation and coordination
in 2015, 1.978.049 flight movements is expected to with airport authorities and airlines.
rise for 2016,and it is estimated to be 2.100.243 for
2017. Accordingly, the flight movements in 2017 will As a result, considering the traffic growth and delay
increase by 25 percent compared to 2014. situation, it is assessed that the measures taken to
enhance and better manage capacity led to an ef-
Capacity fective increase of ATM capacity and therefore, the
capacity plan was achieved and delays were kept at
Due to political unrest at the neighbouring countries, optimum levels.
huge traffic increase has been observed in Turkish Air-
space, in year 2014. Due to closure of Simferopol FIR Punctuality
monthly approx.40% increase has been observed in
Ankara FIR, especially during the summer 2014 season. According to Eurocontrol data average
en- route ATFM delays were 0,60 min-
DHMİ together with the ANSPs of her neighbours has utes per flight in 2014. There was no
taken all the necessary measures to provide ATC Ser- enroute delay in İstanbul ACC and the
vices to this unexpectedly increasing traffic in Turkish average en-route delay per flight for
Airspace without causing any remarkable delay. Ankara ACC was 0,12 minutes in 2014.

With the increase of traffic in Turkey, there is a con- They still remained still below the European average.
tinuously growing demand for capacity at İstanbul/
Atatürk, Antalya, Ankara/Esenboğa, İstanbul/Sabiha The average daily movements increased by 8,6% at
Gökçen Airports. Due to an imbalance between the Istanbul Ataturk (IST) airport and 23,9 percent at
demand for these airports and the availability of ad- Sabiha Gökçen Airports which are the highest in Eu-
rpean Airports. Although this traffic increase and the

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