Page 24 - Annual Report 2014
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existing constraints, there is some improvements in Environment
delays. Performance at these airports will be contin-
ued to be monitored by DHMI. The large increase in SIDs have been designed to provide noise
the traffic, especially in the summer season was one abatement over the most congested areas. Noise
of the reasons for these delays. However, these de- monitors have been established and data is being
lays were eliminated through common actions agreed analysed in a noise map pilot project.
between our FMPs and the NMOC. There is legislation regarding maximum noise levels
generated by aircraft but no system of enforcement/
As a result, considering the traffic growth and delay punitive measures has been developed as yet.
situation, it is assessed that the measures taken to Local traffic regulations have been developed in
enhance and better manage capacity led to an effective coordination with airport and airline operators in
increase of ATM capacity and therefore, the capacity plan 2014 and will be implemented at first half of 2015.
was achieved and delays were kept at optimum levels.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS sectors to manage this capacity. In 2014, 50
student ATCOs were recruited. 50 student Air Traffic
The total number of ATCOs employed by the DHMI Controllers started in Esenbo─ča on 29th of December
was 1307 for 2014. DHMIs controller recruitment 2014. This recruitment campaign started with a press
plan continue. Sufficient numbers of ATCOs are advertisement in August 2014. After the analysis
currently available to meet operational requirements of the applications, 265 applicants were invited to
but with no excess. sit a computerised aptitude test, which was held in
October 2014. This test is commonly known as the
A major training program of ab-initio ATCOs has been FEAST and was used on licence from EUROCONTROL.
underway since 2004 due to the large increase
in traffic and the consequent need to create new

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