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among all sectors (en-route/ approach/ tower) as Special Security and other units. To train these
in the real ATC environment. Working positions are employees the training centre have some facilities,
equipped with ground and approach radar screens, (1 training lab for security staff,1 computer training
NAV-AID and lighting panels, weather-NOTAM display, lab, 2 electronic equipment labs, 1 AFTN/CIDIN lab,
strip printers and voice communication systems. The 11 classrooms.)
appropriate design of the radar work stations also
gives the possibility of non-radar training. In the Training Centre, there is a meeting hall and a
briefing hall. In addition, there are 66 rooms with
All of the instructors completed EUROCONTROL 128 beds (including bath, TV, refrigerator, etc) for
instructional techniques course at EUROCONTROL accommodation. There is a restaurant, a café, a
Institute of Air Navigation Services in Luxemburg vitamin bar, sports halls, a billiards hall, a table tennis
and have full time practical training experience at our hall and a sauna for social activities.
training institute.
Moreover, ATCOs participated to ATM related courses
3 ATC basic training course could be conducted at the at IANS, the Eurocontrol Institute of Air Navigation
same time and the courses are designed in line with Services in Luxembourg, in order to increase their
EUROCONTROL European Air Traffic Management knowledge in 2014.
Programme (EATMP) Common Core Content. Besides,
we have also refreshment training for our air traffic There is also a vigorous and continuous refreshment
controller to cover the present and future needs. training plan covering the present and future needs
of ATCOs.
DHMI also conduct some training course for
staff other than ATC personnel who are work for Therefore, we can say that a significant output was
Electronic Units, Communication, AIS, Fire Brigade, achieved as a result of all these training activities.


DHMİ has taken necessary measures to ensure the candidates are getting Basic ATC Training at DHMI
system has the capacity and the redundancy to Training and Simulation Facilities located at Ankara
work in a safe and reliable way. In this context, civil Esenboğa Airport.
/ military coordination, communications infrastructure
and surveillance infrastructure were improved, In the meantime, to cope with the continuous traffic
ATC route structure was developed and additional growth and to satisfy the extra capacity needs,
controllers were recruited. Currently 1261 ATCOs are Turkey has accelerated its SMART (Systematic
operationally working at ATC Facilities and 105 ATCO Modernization of ATM Resources in Turkey) Project

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