Page 7 - Annual Report 2014
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air safety and running a seamless network of air traffic
operations based on multilateral and interdependent
aeronautical information systems are among the most leading
and demanding issues within the civil aviation sector.

As one of the leading airport and air navigation service providers,
DHMI in order to alter the benchmark of quality to higher levels
and to conduct flawless operations from ground to air works hard
for developing the mindset of strategic investments through
raising efficiency and qualifications of recruitted personnel.

Being main contributer to the air traffic growth in Europe, Turkish
Air Navigation sector is on the rise with all its components from
aeronautical industrial production to research and development
activities on a wide range of areas supporting the efficiency of
air navigation services and thus mitigating delays to the lowest
possible extent in spite of the remarkable growth especially
at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport in comparison to previous
years. The increase in average daily traffic was close to 100
additional flights in 2014. Moreover due to political unrest at
the neighbouring countries, Turkish airspace as a whole has also
hosted a considerable air traffic increase in 2014 with a rate of
40% intensified around Ankara FIR during the summer season.

DHMI with an entrepreneur spirit is relentlessly building new
modern airports and terminals by Public Private Partnership model projects. Until the end of 2014
there are totally 18 projects implemented with 2.2 billion USD investment revenue defrayed to the
public funds. In 2015 investment schedule more than 30 construction and renovation projects are
planned to be established.

DHMI also provides opportunity of certificate training to foreign air traffic controllers as well as
technical support regarding the set up of air navigation aids in Somali and Sudan.

With an effort of planning the future of regional air navigation requirements and expectations DHMI,
as a social responsibility, gives a strong emphasis on green certifications and unobstructed mobility
of disabled people in addition to noise abatement procedures at the surrounding of main airports.

In pursuance to activation of the New Istanbul Airport, it is expected that DHMI will become a game
changer in the Eurasian region through connecting the Asia to Europe and Russian states to the
Arabic peninsula.

I wish safe and comfortable flights to all our guests.

Serdar Hüseyin YILDIRIM
Chairman of the Board & Director General
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