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Pre Flight Notifications

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For Your Personal Security:
Protect your bag and personal belongings all the time. Never take packages from strangers. Do not leave your luggagebags unattended even for short time. Do not forget that the packages believed to be ownerless are terminated by security staff. Do not joke about terror related subjects, a bomba gun. Remember that those circumstances may cause misunderstanding. Even electronic devices such as portable computerscellular phones can be subject of x-ray implementation; they may be requested by staff to be controlled by runningstarting up/shutting down.

Not to Lose Time at Security Doors:
As part of increased security precautions, it is prohibited to have all kinds of materials that have cutting, splitting, flammable, inflammable properties for the sake of flight security. Because of this reason, do not forget that you should send your personal stuff including nail scissors, pocketknife, and deodorant via cargo. Putting that stuff into your luggage that you send via cargo before coming to security doors saves your time. Moreover, while waiting your queue at the security doors, getting ready to put metals you have on you such as watch, belt, pen, coins on X-Ray strap without waiting for the staff warning will prevent you from losing time. Do not argue with the attendants and assist during searching for items that are hard to detect.

Usage of Cellular Phones:
Cellular phones affect flight equipments in a negative way and threaten the flight safety. Therefore, keep your cellular phones completely switched off from the moment you move from terminal in order to board the plane until arrival to the destination terminal in terms of safety of live. Keeping your cellular phones in quiet modenot making calls does not make them riskless.

Effects of Electronic Devices on Airplanes:
For flight safety, it is forbidden to use all kinds of portable radio, cassette and CD player, electronic games, portable computer and similar electronic equipments during landing, takeoff,when seat belt warning lights are on. Radio and television receivers, portable phones and transmitter equipments, remote control toys and all devices sending magnetic waves cannot be used during the whole flight, as it deletes all the information that is recorded on airplane`s computer and necessary for flight.

Generally `medical` certified oxygen tube exists in many airplanes, oxygen tubes with passengers are not allowed to the airplane.

List of Items Prohibited Taking on Airplane:
1. Weapons and Firearms:
All calibers rifled firearms
All kinds of smoothbore shot gun and pump rifle
Fake firearms and similar toys
Air gun
Toy guns
Hiddencamouflaged weapons (pen guns etc.)
Starting gun
Weapon parts (excluding telescopic targets and targets)
Weapons firing Balls (plasticmetal)
Signaling gun
Catapult and peashooter
Electric shock device
Lighters looking like gun
Industrial screw, nail, and harpoon guns
Bow and arrows
Harpoon guns
Animal fainting devices
Paintball weapons
Cap gun and capsules

2. Sharp/Pointed WeaponsItems:
Axe and varieties
Arrow and darts
Spear, pike, harpoon
Ice axe
Ninja stars
Large knife
Switchblade and butterfly knife
Blade, sword, bayonet
Pointed and arrowed knives
Diver equipments (oxygen tube, diver knife)
Scissor (blade is sharp and bigger than 6 cm)
Ice breaker
Razor blade
Metal cutter
Sewing needle
Pocket knife
Mountaineering equipments (adze, hammer, ice axe, etc.)
Ski, walking and climbing sticks
Nail file
Box cutter
All kind of equipment that is used in martial arts and materials that are solely used in offensivedefensive way (long bats, swords, telescopic bludgeons, knuckledusters, bayonets, maces, whips, garrotes, chains, sword cane, etc.)
Pen knives
Hunting knives
All kind of carpentry equipments (hammer, screwdriver, drill, saw, etc.)
Medical cutting devices (scalpel, lancet, etc.)
Hypodermic needles
Electric drills and bits
Electric saw

3. Explosives and Flammable Items:
Portfire and fuse
Dynamite and realistic fake dynamite
Hand grenades and realistic fake grenades
Plastic explosive
Realistic fake explosive
Mine, gunpowder, and other military equipments
Flammable liquid (petroleum, fuel, diesel oil, alcohol, ethanol, gasoline, etc.)
Spray paint
Thinner, terebentine
Gas and gas tubes (oxygen, propane, butane, asetolon)
Lighter liquid and gas
Fake flammable materials
Matches that can fire on any place
Beverages with alcohol level more than 70%

4. Items which are not Sharp/Pointed 
Golf club
Cricket club
Baseball club
Hockey club
Shovel (canoe etc.)
Racquets (tennis, squash)
Lacrosse game clubs
All kinds of cue sticks
Fishing materials and fishing tackle
All kinds of bludgeon, clubs, sticks
Skiing equipment
Rope, line
All kinds of surf boards

5. Chemicals and Poisonous Items
Acid and liquid batteries
Radioactive materials
Dry ice (more than 2 kg.)
Self flammable materials
Fire extinguishers
Dog pepper spray
Materials containing infectious and biological hazard (septic blood, bacteria and virus)
Disablingimmobilizing sprays (pepper spray, tear gas, CN and CS gases looking like keychain)
Chlorine and bleach
Pressurized gas tube
Corrosive materials​