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We Would Like to Draw Your Attention to the Subjects Below Regarding Security:
1- If security is accepted as a chain, users of airline are the strongest link of this chain. So it is you!
2- If you did not pack your luggageit did not arrive to the airport under your supervision, report this to security personnel.
3- If others` suspicious behaviors engage your attention when passing check-pointsin terminalairplane, report this to security personnel.
4- If you see that some people leave their personal belongings such as luggage, cellular phone, package in the airplane, report this to cabin crew.
5- If some people want to give you luggage, package for the reason of weight excess etc. during check-in, do not accept it.
6- Help security personnel without forgetting that guidance of security personnel is for benefit of everyone.
7- Do not forget that illegal intervention acts to our airports/airplanes affect our nation negatively from all perspectives.
8- Considering airline transport as veins pumping blood to our nation, do not forget that people, who want to perform illegal activities against the airports, will work for penetrating and taking a swing at this system and will want to abuse your goodwill for this purpose.
9- You can report any suspicious event in airports that attracts your attention to internal phones 111/1111 that are placed at specific locations by Public Administration Supervisorythat are used by personnel.
10- Request information from airlinesobtain information from websites regarding Items Prohibited to Keep at Airplane and Sterilized Areas

To Pass Quickly From Airport Security Check-Points and Not to Cause Waiting;
a- Leave all the metals (belt, watch, coins, cigarette, lighter, cell phone, etc.) along with coat/topcoat, cloak, jacket in plastic containers at check-points and let them pass through x-ray.
b- Place your luggage, if available, electrical/electronic devices by removing them from their cases/bags on x-ray device`s strap in order to be checked individually.
c- Queue up in front of check-point without waiting for the warning of guidance staff who is the first personnel at check-point and be ready to perform issues mentioned above quickly.
d- Do not cross the red line before the procedure of previous passenger is completed.
e- Check again whether there is metal on you, if a signal comes from door-type metal detector; in case of signal repeat act accordingly to instructions of security staff.
f- If you carry valuable items such as gold and money, inform security staff in advance to be searched in search cabins.
g- Beam of X-Ray device only damages professional cinema film. People who have that kind of film are required to come to the airport check-points with charge tent for manual check.
h- Health standards of security devices are met and allowed by Türkiye Nuclear Energy Authority (TAEK); their assessments are performed regularly.
i- Do not ask for exemption with miscellaneous excuses; the security check-points are for all of us.
j- You cannot enter into airports with anything such as weapon, explosive, fake guns, toys that can be used at illegal intervention acts; the passengers that have these kinds of objects must declare it to the check-points.