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Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil KARAISMAILOGLU stated that the flights that were suspended in March due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak will resume on June 1st.

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU said, “We are resuming flights at our airports that have received their certificates in making preparations for Covid-19. Six airports have received their certificates so far. After the 2-month break, we are making our first flight from Istanbul Airport to Esenboğa Airport on June 1st, at 10:00. Our airlines, like our nation, will also revive. We will take our measures, but we will also take our normalization steps. On 1st of June, flights will take off from Istanbul to Ankara, as well as to Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon. Our flights will resume gradually at all our airports after June 1st," he said.

KARAISMAILOGLU reminded that the flights were suspended at 28th of March due to the Covid-19 epidemic. KARAISMAILOGLU said that they have made significant progress in the fight against the epidemic and started the normalization process in the transportation infrastructure in this context.

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU emphasized that we have started a new period thanks to the decrease in the spread speed of the virus and added in this context, the first flight on the air way will be from Istanbul Airport to Ankara Esenboğa Airport with a flight number TK2150 at 10.00.

The certificate will be given to Istanbul Airport on June 1st

KARAISMAILOGLU noted that in addition to the measures taken successfully at all airports, new practices will be implemented in the normalization process in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Minister underlined that they have made a certification program against Covid-19 at the airports within the framework of the measures, and all airports have been reorganized with this certification program.

The Epidemic Certificate includes not only airport operators, terminal operators, ground handling companies, but also transportation vehicles that bring passengers to the airport. Minister KARAISMAILOGLU pointed out that each institution / organization take the necessary measures within their own organization and continued his words as follows:

“After we published our certification circular, education, information, inspection and survey studies have started to be carried out by our Ministry. In this process, we have determined in detail the measures to protect the health of our citizens who will travel by air transport and all employees serving in the sector. We focused on four main factors at the airports against the epidemic. Everyone is obliged to wear masks, full compliance with social distance, taking personal and institutional hygiene measures, and "using protective equipment suitable for risk". "We have issued a certificate to the airports that meets the conditions"

KARAISMAILOGLU stated that airports that meet all the requirements have been granted their certification by the Ministry. Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Esenboğa Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes, Antalya and Trabzon Airports were all entitled to receive their certificates, and the Istanbul Airport's certificate will be presented to the İGA management before the first flight on June 1st.

The first flights will be conducted from Istanbul to Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon

KARAISMAILOGLU stated that isolation measures will be taken care of in all stages from entrance of the airports to the exit at the departure destination.

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU emphasized that the physical conditions were re-organized according to the social distancing rules in line with the certificate program. KARAISMAILOGLU stated that there will be flights to İzmir at 14.00, to Antalya at 11.15 and to Trabzon at 13.00 in addition to the flight to be made from Istanbul Airport on June 1st at 10:00. Minister KARAISMAILOGLU noted that flights will start gradually at all airports after June 1st.

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU said, “We will arrange conditions for social distancing at airports and airplanes by making slot planning within the scope of the number of traffic to be determined at the airports. We will keep the passenger circulation at the optimum level. We open the air transport to the service of our citizens without compromising the precautions against the epidemic."

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU stated that they have taken all precautions for the health of passengers and the flight crew as well. The flight hygiene specialists will take part during the flight. In accordance with the 'Life Fits Home' project carried out by the Ministry of Health, the acceptance of passengers to domestic flights will be allowed with the personal generation of the Life Fits Home (HES) code. Passengers are required to login to the relevant application and create a record. Passengers who purchase their tickets through online sales channels, ticket sales offices and agencies will check their health status 24 hours before the flight via the HES code. During the ticketing and in the inquiries of the HES code to be made at the airports, our passengers who are found not suitable for flight will not be accepted to the flight. Also during the boarding and exit of the aircraft there will be no baggage in the aircraft other than the handbags.

In regard to the measures to be taken within the airports, KARAISMAILOGLU said, “Passengers who use private owned public transportation services to arrive at the airport will not be allowed to board vehicles without masks while traveling according to the social distance rule. Public transportation vehicles will be constantly monitored. The bodily temperatures will be measured with a thermal camera or contactless thermometers positioned at the entrance of the domestic and international passengers' arrivals and departures terminals. Except for the passenger's accompanying companion, others who have come to offer welcome and farewell greetings will not be allowed to enter the terminal building. Passengers will be able to enter the terminal building by wearing a mask. Airline passengers will be asked by airports ground services personnel to provide relevant personal information and information about the address they shall reside pursuant to the flight within Turkey."

"With ease of mind, Our Passengers can fly now…"

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU pointed out that the Ministry and its related institutions will take all precautions and implement them meticulously and said, "We will follow everything carefully from the point of departure to the destination point. Let our passengers use the airline with ease of mind."

KARAISMAILOGLU finally emphasized that "Turkey has waged a great national fight against the global epidemic. In this process, as always, aid has been provided to countries that are in need. Our country, which sets an example to the rest of the world, will continue on its path by strengthening its power under the leadership of our President and through the normalization process".​


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