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Hüseyin KESKIN, our Chairman of the Board and General Manager of DHMI, has responded to the Frequently Asked Questions via official social media accounts and also shared the additional measures taken at the airports whose physical conditions have been arranged in compliance with the social distancing rules for domestic flights started as of June 1st .   



Question: What kind of measures are taken against COVID-19 pandemics at the airports?

At our airports to protect the health of our esteemed guests, and to make you feel safe during your trip; social distancing applications, hand disinfectants, hygiene, disinfection, etc. all kinds of measures are taken. These precautions and rules must be strictly followed in order to protect your health, your family and other passengers and industry workers.

Passengers are informed about the rules of conduct through regular announcements, posters, video screens, and with the maximum presence of staff. Cleaning frequencies are increased and surfaces are disinfected in all areas where passengers are located. Hand sanitizer dispensers are provided to passengers.

At check-in, ground signs are used in order to comply with the minimum distancing rules in areas such as security control and any locations where passenger congestion may occur. Plexiglass panels have also been installed where there is a need for direct contact between passengers and operatives. All passengers are advised to check in online, if possible, to avoid piling up in the queues.

Question: What are the consequences of not abiding by the measures and rules taken?
Answer: If the precautions and rules are not followed, your health may be compromised and you may face penal sanctions, including cancellation of your flight.
Question: What is the HES code?

HES (Life Fits Home) Code, is a new application that has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Health.

The codes that will be generated through this application, which will also be checked by the Ministry of Health services by regular intervals, have to be shared with the airline companies during ticket purchase and check-in procedures.

Question: Can I participate in flights without HES code?
Answer: Since a healthy and safe travel environment is aimed with HES code, passengers who do not have a valid HES code cannot travel. It is recommended to consider this application of the Ministry of Health and airline organizations in this regard.
Question: How can I get the HES code?
Answer: Through the HES (Life Fits Home) mobile application or by sending SMS to 2023 with a gap between them “HES, Turkish Identity number, the last 4 digits of the ID serial number and the number of days that should be valid for your HES code.", (Example: HES 12345678901 5376 30)
Question: Should I get HES code for every family member?
Answer: Yes. HES code must be obtained for each family member. However, there is no obligation to obtain a HES Code for family members aged 0-2 years.
Question: Does the HES code have a validity period?
Answer: Yes. Your HES code is valid for a certain period of time. You need to make sure that the validity period of your HES code covers your travel dates.
Question: Can I get a new code if the HES code expires?
Answer: Yes. Since your HES code is valid for a certain period of time, if your code expires, you can obtain a new code by performing the HES code acquisition again.
Question: Is there a HES code requirement for international flights?
Answer: No. Although the HES code is not mandatory for international flights at this time, it is recommended to consider the information of the Ministry of Health and airline organizations.
Question: Is there an HES code requirement for domestic flights with an international connection?
Answer: No. Although the HES code is not mandatory for domestic flights with connection to an international flight at this time, it is recommended to consider the information of the Ministry of Health and airline organizations.
Question: Is there a quarantine application after the flights?
Answer: Although there is no quarantine process if you do not show any symptoms after domestic and international flights, it is recommended that you observe yourself and if required, apply to the relevant health authorities during 14 days period just after the flight.
Question: Is there an obligation to use masks in private transportation service vehicles to arrive at the airport?
Answer: Yes. Our passengers who will use private mass transportation service vehicles to get to the airport must use a mask.
Question: Is it mandatory to use a mask at the airport and flights?

It is mandatory for all passengers to use medical masks. Persons not wearing masks are not allowed to enter to the airport facilities and aircrafts. Those who insist not to comply with the rules can be banned from the flight.

In addition to the mask you use, it is recommended to have spare masks in your bag depending on your flight time and to change the masks if they get moist.

Question: Is it mandatory to use gloves at the airport and on flights?
Answer: Although there is no obligation for the passengers to wear gloves at our airports and flights, the use of gloves is recommended.
Question: How long before the flight should I be at the airport?
Answer: As the health and safety practices to be carried out at the airport may cause congestion, it is recommended to be at the airport 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.
Question: Is there a baggage restriction?
Answer: Although cabin baggage is not accepted on flights, the items to be accepted are; limited to laptop, handbag, briefcase and any items related to baby care. All other items need to be delivered to the trunk during check-in, and it is also recommended that airline organizations' information are taken into consideration.
Question: Can I leave a passenger to the airport and pick up a passenger? Can I enter the terminal if I do not have a flight?
Answer: You can drop a passenger to the airport and pick up a passenger. However, non-passengers (welcoming / send-offs) are not allowed to enter terminal buildings, except for accompanying passengers. In situations where people are coming for ticket sales, maintenance and repair etc. purposes are evaluated separately and are not allowed to enter the airport and its facilities without the utility of a mask.
Question: Are any of my personal information required?
Answer: Personal information to be shared with the Ministry of Health and third countries about COVID-19 may be requested from passengers who will use airline services, if necessary. Criminal sanctions are imposed on those who make false statements, and such passengers are not allowed to their flight. In advance of the flight, the contact information and the residential address within the Turkish boarders may be requested from the passengers who will be using the airline.



Are body temperature screening controls applied at the airport?
Answer: At the airport, body temperature screening controls are applied to the passengers by the use of a thermal camera and / or contactless thermometer.
Question: What happens if my body temperature measurement is high?
Answer: Those who cannot pass the scans at certain control points in the airport or those with symptoms like cough, respiratory distress, etc. are accompanied with precautions to the Airport Health Unit. The process is initiated according to the COVID-19 Guidelines published by the Ministry of Health.
Question: What happens if a passenger is suspected to be infected after the flight?
Answer: If a passenger is suspected to be infected after the flight, authorized health officials inform the authorized airline personnel. The airline staff is obliged to convey the contact information of the passengers to the health authority. The process is initiated according to the COVID-19 guidelines published by the Ministry of Health. This confidential data set includes the data of the other passengers two rows in the front and the two rows in the back of the suspected passenger.
Question: I have recovered from Covid-19. Can I travel by airline?
Answer: Passengers who are declared by the Ministry of Health as unsuitable for air travel are also reported to the airlines via information systems to be banned from using airport transportation. In these premises you can use air travel only if you can declare any official proof showing that you do not pose a risk to other passengers.
Question: What should I do in airport security check?
Answer: Keep your social distance. Prepare for controls and follow the instructions of the staff not to be misunderstood that can cause pat-down search.
Question: Can I pass hand sanitizers, gels from airport security?

As long as the bottle size is less than 100 ml and in a closed, transparent plastic bag with your other liquids, you can pass hand sanitizers, gels within transparent airport bags in your hand luggage. This bag has to be removed from your hand luggage and placed separately in the tray. Please check your bags and pockets carefully before going through security to make sure you do not carry any other fluid by mistake.


Question: Can I put hand sanitizers, gels in my hand luggage?
Answer: Yes, you can put hand disinfectants, gels in your hand luggage, subject to your airline's baggage allowance and baggage restrictions.
Question: Can I have antibacterial wipes in my hand luggage?
Answer: Yes, you can. Antibacterial wipes are not considered liquid and you can get them freely in your handbag.
Question: What are the actions to ensure that passengers maintain the required distance?
Answer: In terminals, it is encouraged by the airport to keep passengers' distance from each other in many ways. Ground signs and barrier tapes are placed at information stands, check-in counters and security checkpoints. Turkish and English routine advertisements, posters and video screens inform the passengers about distancing rules. Airport operatives regulate the sufficient distances in the field and can warn passengers on this issue. They can also arrange passenger flow and queues through doors or around the luggage conveyors to distribute passengers evenly as much space as possible.
Question: Are the shops, restaurants and lounges at the airport open?
Answer: With some restrictions and measures implemented, eligible facilities resume providing services.
Question: Are the places of worship inside the airport terminal open?
Answer: No. Within the scope of the measures implemented by the Ministry of Health, places of worship in closed areas are not in use until a further instruction.
Question: Are the WC and baby care rooms in the terminal buildings open?
Answer: As social distance and hygiene measures are taken in these areas, they are available for use.​


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