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Having won the struggle against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic with the help of the nation, in a better way than the rest of the world, Turkey's 'new normalization' steps are put in action within the framework one after the other.

Having taken all measures at the maximum level of safety in the fight against the Coronavirus, Turkey on June 1st started domestic flights and is in an initiative to start international flights to 92 countries. 

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil KARAISMAILOGLU, who carried out intense diplomacy within this framework, gave the good news that it is planned to launch international flights to 40 different countries gradually in June.

For the first stage of this re-launch, a pre-agreement was made with 15 countries regarding the mutual opening of international flights. Minister KARAISMAILOGLU said, “for international flights our cooperation with 92 countries continues. We are meeting with organizations and contacting countries to ensure safe flights. We have already reached an agreement with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Austria, Lithuania, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Albania, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan and Italy for the mutual opening of international flights." Minister KARAISMAILOGLU also pointed out that all nations of the world took similar measures during the pandemic period and said, “The whole world took measures against Covid-19 in their own way. Countries have attempted to prevent the pandemic by reducing their international flights and even closing them. However, we think that we have left an important threshold behind in this struggle all over the world. Now we must continue our ties and trade globally. We say “May God Speed Us on Our Mission" again and give a start."

KARAISMAILOGLU shared the following details regarding the international flights to be launched gradually in June:

  • As of June 10, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Qatar, Greece,
  • As of 15 June, Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic (Czechia), Croatia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Republic of North Macedonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Tajikistan,
  • As of June 20, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan,
  • As of June 22, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, South Korea, Ireland, Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia and
  • As of 25 June; Belgium


Minister KARAISMAILOGLU emphasized that to achieve a successfully planned re-launch of international flights, they are cooperating with the Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs, Culture and Tourism. Minister KARAISMAILOGLU said that health of the passengers will be prioritized and the importance of the measures taken to be implemented is vital at this stage.

KARAISMAILOGLU reminded that within the framework of the decision taken by the Ministry of Health by May 20, 14-day isolation of passengers arriving to the country with planned flights from abroad in the scope of the pandemic, will be enforced in their own homes after the examinations carried out at the airports.  

“In this context, new arrivals with planned flights from abroad will be examined in the areas designated within the airport and their symptoms will be evaluated. The contact and address information of the examinees will be recorded in the border entry section of the Public Health Management System (HSYS).

Passengers who are suspected of any symptom during their examinations at the airport will be taken to the isolation area at the airports and will be directed to the hospital determined by the Provincial Health Directorate of the relevant cities through the coordination of 112 medical line service.

In the evaluation, people who do not have any symptoms can be given consent forms and through their own means of transport they will be confined to 14 days isolation in their own homes. During this period, they will be followed up by family physicians. "At Home Covid-19 Patient / Contact Follow-up (Quarantine) Information and Consent Form" will also need to be filled.

The tests and fares to be applied to the passengers at the airports, the procedures and processes related to the passengers with positive results will be carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Border and Coasts, General Directorate of Public Health and Provincial Health Directorates."

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU denoted that Turkey's national struggle against the pandemic as a country is admirable and, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip ERDOGAN, Ministry of Transportation of Infrastructure will continue its work with utmost faith and strong will with no interruption… "We will build stronger Turkey together" said KARAISMAILOGLU.​


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