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Mr.Adil KARAISMAILOGLU, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure arrived at Ankara Esenboğa Airport by the plane departing from Istanbul Airport due to re-start of the airway transportation, which was suspended within the scope of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic measures.

Minister KARAISMAILOGLU was briefed about the measures taken at the airport against Covid-19 and later made inspection, respectively.

After the inspection, Karaismailoğlu said in a statement, as a Ministry, we continued on our path with projects for tomorrow to make Turkey one of the world's largest economy.

KARAISMAILOGLU by pointing out the importance of transportation and infrastructure said, "Because we know that one of the first conditions of being a developed country is to have a strong transportation and infrastructure network that connects us both socially and economically with the world." 

KARAISMAILOGLU stated that during the epidemic, transportation had almost come to a halt for a few months, but everything done is for the health and safety of our citizens. He also added that they continue to work on their current project 24/7 without any precaution sacrificed.

“These bad days left behind," said KARAISMAILOGLU and added:

"Under the leadership of our president, we have been able to see these days thanks to the vigorous management of our Ministry of Health and the discretion of our citizens. Now is the time to revive social and economic life, to give hope for our youth, women and children. For this purpose, we continue to take our normalization steps resolutely and cautiously by taking high-level measures for the health of our citizens."

"The certification process has also started"

KARAISMAILOGLU reminded that the restriction of travel on highways has been lifted as of today and the high-speed train (YHT) rides were launched last week.

KARAISMAILOGLU also emphasized the most important of these steps was the first domestic flight taking place today… the Minister continued:

"With our flight number TK2150, we came to Ankara from Istanbul as accompanied by our citizens. Today, we have also started to certify our airports with health measures that qualify the requirements determined by our Ministry of Health. In this context, we presented the first 'Airport Epidemic Certificate' to Istanbul Airport.  As of today, Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Esenboğa Airport, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, and Antalya and Trabzon airports have been granted certification. This process will cover all our airports. "

"We have determined the measures to be taken and the procedures and principles to be applied"

After Covid-19 restrictions end, during the stage of flight operations normalization process, KARAISMAILOGLU explained that the Ministry have been working intensely and making necessary preparations for a month to implement the airport measures as enlisted by the Ministry of Health and thus did publish the "Airport Epidemic Measures and Certification Circular."

KARAISMAILOGLU by pointing out that the measures to be taken by the partaker organizations along with the procedures and principles that will be applied in order to prevent the epidemic from spreading at the airports were duly determined. The Minister also provided the following information:

"It is very important for us that our passengers feel themselves relaxed and be sure that their health is  monitored during their travel. Therefore, we are starting a new isolation-oriented era in all stages of the travel, from entry to the airports to departures or exits. Our certificate includes not only airport operators, terminal operators and ground handling companies, but also the necessary measures to be taken by each institution and organization, including transportation vehicles that bring passengers to the airport. "

KARAISMAILOGLU stated 4 basic elements determined at the airports against the epidemic and said, "We will never compromise the obligation of everyone to wear masks, full compliance with social distance, taking personal and institutional hygiene measures and using protective equipment suitable for the risk by any operative staff. Within the scope of the number of traffic to be determined at our airports, slot planning will be made, and social distance conditions will be provided at the airports and aircraft.  During the flight, aircraft hygien specialist will be employed along with the flight crew.  Experts will take all precautions during the flight to make sure that the requirements for travel health are properly met. "

KARAISMAILOGLU noted that, in accordance with the “Life Fits Home" (HES) project as carried out by the Ministry of Health, the acceptance of passengers to domestic flights will be provided with the personally generated HES code, and for that passengers shall enter into the relevant application and create an official record. KARAISMAILOGLU emphasized that the passengers who purchase their tickets through online sales channels, ticket sales offices and agencies will check their health status 24 hours before the flight through the HES code, "We will follow the travel process of our passengers meticulously from the starting point to the destination point and we will apply all the precautions. As the first country to take and implement holistic measures in the face of the epidemic, I believe that the measures we have taken for air travel will be successful. "  

Expressing that citizens can use air transportation comfortably and having ensured of their safety, KARAISMAILOGLU said that efforts to open international flights in the coming days will also be concluded.

The Minister said, the success Turkey has achieved against the struggle of Covid-19 outbreak sets an example to the world and under the President's leadership, normalization process will illustrate an example to the world as well.  With beginning of domestic flights KARAISMAILOGLU wished safe flights to all.​


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